Florida Cyclocross State Championship

Well I took a nice vacation at the end of January to the Gulf Coast of Florida to visit a friend of mine and do a little Cyclocross racing. This past fall I had an awesome experience racing cross and had to get one more in before I ended my season. It was a great time riding in weather that was in the sixties versus the twenties for a cross race. There were actually some climbs on the course, not bad for Florida, and a serious mud pit. The only thing I wasn’t ready for was an hour long race versus the 40 minute race I am used to up here. I had my best finish yet and had an awesome time competing in my new favorite discipline of bike racing. They chipped us for the race which means that they kept close track of our lap times and speeds, which was pretty cool. I also had a chance to log some miles on the road and get to do what I encourage all you to do, which is ride. If you get a chance please check out the pictures my wife took at the race and I will also include a link to the results. The hard part now is waiting till next fall for the next Cross Season.



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