Want to have some input into your parks?

Great Parks, Great Communities:

Click on a Supervisory District in the map above to view details of the planning districts within that district.

Nearly 80% of all Fairfax County residents visit our parks each year. Each of us can play an important role in preserving and protecting, and even planning the parks of the future in Fairfax County. The Fairfax County Park Authority seeks your input! Great Parks, Great Communities is an exciting new planning process initiated to get your ideas for balancing Fairfax County’s future park needs and resources, within each district of the County.

Parks are a critical element in healthy, thriving communities. They are places set aside for the protection and enhancement of environmental values. They are places where the cultural heritage of Fairfax County can be explored and brought to life. They serve as vital places to bring together the variety of cultures that live in Fairfax County. They are also places for leisure enjoyment and recreation that improve the physical and mental well being for all County residents.

The Park Authority’s multi-faceted mission is to protect environmental and cultural resources within Fairfax County, as well as to create and sustain quality recreational facilities. Every day the Park Authority works to balance the park system between these objectives in order to provide a wise range of recreational activities to residents, while protecting the unique and valuable natural and cultural resources that make Fairfax County a unique place. Recreation needs and resources vary across the county. The Great Parks, Great Communities planning initiative provides an opportunity for each local community to help the Park Authority comprehensively examine how our park system, facilities and services are balanced at the local level.

The first phase of the project involves assessing the current park system, within 14 geographic planning districts. This is accomplished through “Existing Condition Reports” that describe current park resources within each area. These will be posted online in early 2008.

District Workshop Schedule
(all meetings to begin at 7:00 pm)

In the second phase, the Park Authority will seek input from park users and community residents to gain an improved understanding of the park system from varying perspectives throughout the County. During this phase, we will be asking the public and County staff for their input on how the current park system serves their needs, and what changes are appropriate to balance the park system and accommodate future needs and growth. Public participation in this process will occur through 10 workshops planned between January and April, 2008, an interactive website and other outreach activities.

The end result will be the development of a long-range guide for future planning and development of the Fairfax County park system. The final document will be approved by the Park Authority Board and serve as the basis for the County’s Comprehensive Plan Amendment to update the park recommendations. This comprehensive approach to park planning will ensure the parks system will continue to successfully serve changing community needs and protect precious park resources.. to receive the latest project updates, or feel free to sign up for our Great Parks, Great Communities Email List <!– project e-mail list –>and we’ll let you know when website changes are made and significant events are scheduled.

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