VAHS joins national high school cycling association

The Bike Lane is super excited to see NICA coming to Virginia! This will help grow the sport of mountain biking for all youth. The Virginia High School Mountain Bike Series has already kicked off this spring with some great racing. We are hoping to get a race up in Northern Virginia for the next series. Stay tuned…..

Left to right: Austin McInerny (NICA executive director), Jeremiah Bishop (Virginia League founding committee). Credit: Paul Skilbeck/NICA.

VAHS joins national high school cycling association

Accomplished pro cyclists give back to Virginia high school students

Peter Hufnagel 434.987.5406

NICA Contact:

Paul Skilbeck 415.516.1444

ALBEMARLE, Va. – Virginia was announced April 12 as the newest state in a nationwide school cycling program run by the the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA), a youth development organization governing interscholastic mountain biking in the United States.

Making the announcement during the Sea Otter Classic cycling event, Saturday April 12, in California, NICA executive director Austin McInerny said, “The proximity of the Virginia League to Washington D.C. makes it one of particular significance to our growing nationwide network of high school cycling leagues, and the staff already in place to run this league include several well-known names in the cycling world.”

The Virginia League has grown out of the success of the Virginia High School Mountain Bike Series led by Miller School of Albemarle teacher Peter Hufnagel and professional cyclist Andrea Dvorak. Team Sho-Air/Cannondale pro rider Jeremiah Bishop heads up development. Other key staff already in position include former pro Andy Guptill, Rick Bartels, and Phillip Robb.

Virginia League director Peter Hufnagel said, “We started our program back in 2010, and since then have been keeping an eye on the growth of NICA, whose comprehensive approach to youth development has always impressed us. Recently we decided that the time was right for us to join forces and become part of the coast-to-coast youth mountain biking network.”

The Virginia League is based in Charlottesville and will organize four races in the fall of 2014. Up to 200 student-athletes are expected to participate in the inaugural series and numbers are expected to grow to 500+ in coming years.

The first Leaders’ Summit, a training program for league coaches, is scheduled for May 17-18, in Charlottesville, Virginia, and another training for league volunteers will he held in summer. Interested persons are invited to contact to get involved.

NICA has over 1,300 licensed coaches who are working with approximately 3,000 student-athletes across the USA, giving a very favorable overall supervision ratio of one adult to three student-athletes.

About NICA

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Chance to win a cool $1,000 in gear at The Bike Lane!

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Spring Fever and Over Training

Our favorite Chiropractor, Dr. Kathy from Positively Chiropractic is spot on with her latest article. We are all very eager to get outside and ride in this beautiful weather. Just be careful of being over zealous. If you do over train make sure you take care of those aches and pains.

Dr. Kathy Countiho from Positively Chiropractic
Spring Fever
A very common injury that presents itself in our office every spring is Acute Tendonitis of a sport specific muscle group. This happens when a muscle/tendon is suddenly overused, and demanded an increase in power and repetition with inadequate build up to the vastly increased activity. For example, my friends and family of mountain bikers are about to enjoy the many hours of sunny weather and dry trails, following months of unpredictably wet, muddy, and thus closed mountain bike trails. We forget that our arms are not ready for the chronic load we put on our arm muscles as we spend hours and hours riding our mountain bikes in the beautiful dry, spring weather.

This sudden overload will result in a gradual tightening of the muscle groups, which results in friction of the muscles that surround one another. The friction creates inflammation and micro-tearing of the tendon sheath around the muscle. You will see visible signs of swelling and redness over the area of pain, and will feel terrible pain with any use of that muscle, like shaking hands if it is your forearm muscle, or when pulling your toes upward, if its a front lower leg muscle.

How to avoid this? Don’t over train to begin with! Once you get this, how do you treat this? Active Release Therapy(a movement based massage technique that moves the joints above an below the affected muscles), chiropractic adjustments (to restore joint mobility), if possible hourly use of cryotherapy or ICE for the swelling and pain, self massage toward the heart with BIOFREEZE are all highly recommended.

Please ask your chiropractor at POSICHIRO if you feel like you may be experiencing this condition. The sooner you treat this the quicker the recovery.

Lets have a FABULOUSLY active but NOT injury filled Spring!

My best to you all,

Dr. Kathy

All Aboard

Check out Jen, our Manager at TBL Springfield. This is a post from her blog “Training with your jogging stroller“. Yes, she is pretty bad ass but she is also a great example of how to be creative in getting your training in and getting the kids out on bikes.

All Aboard

I still run quite a lot, but with the popularity of “multi sport” (triathlons, etc) plus the draw of being able to go farther and bring more, we have borrowed the concept of the road train! Certainly I am not the first parent to string together several wheeled devices, but we love it. We sometimes go to the grocery store or to cub scouts with all in tow. Even with several young children at home, you could train for a cycling event! Probably not a century ride, but these kids would be cool with 10 miles. Revisit Destination Running to break up the distance. You may be able to tell that I have all this fun stuff hooked up to my single speed bicycle. That means that there are no gears. If you wanted to try a trailer bike, a trailer, or both, I would recommend a geared bike and more specifically a mountain bike or hybrid bike because those types of bikes have an easier gear ratio than a road bike. Or do what I do if you just like things crazy hard :)

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Strength Training for Cyclists – a Story in Community Building

This is a great article about a class that was put together by Tom Mathis for The Bike Lane customers at CrossFit Burke. Tom writes for a blog called Active Life DC. and has his own fantastic blog
CrossFit Burke

About the Author:

Tom Mathis is a local fitness enthusiast who blogs at Cakehole Management.

On Saturday, 08 January 2014, in Northern Virginia 16 cyclists gathered at CrossFit (CF) Burke to participate in a functional fitness seminar to learn how they could help improve their on-bike performance during the Spring cycling season. Most were members of The Bike Lane’s racing team and signed up as a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon with some friends. I was asked to teach the seminar and was really focused on folks walking away with some enduring knowledge versus just being exposed to some different exercise elements and having a good workout.

The seminar was the brain-child of Todd Mader, one of the co-owners of The Bike Lane. I’ve known Todd and his wife and business partner, Anne, since they started a shared dream to open their own bike shop in 2001. The Bike Lane doesn’t just focus on selling bikes, they constantly strive to give back to their community through educating the public on bicycle safety, advocating for bicycle safe communities, sponsoring a race team, co-sponsoring races and cycling related activities, leading rides, and most importantly helping their customers learn everything they need to know in order to have a safe and enjoyable biking experience.

Thus it was no surprise when Todd asked me to host a strength and conditioning seminar for cyclists after helping me with the Active Life DC “Winter Strength Training Tips for Cyclist.” Todd was so excited by the material we covered during the photo shoot that he thought it would make for a good seminar. I was a bit skeptical at first because I tend to focus on the fundamentals, which folks often don’t find that exciting. However, what makes for fun experiences is being willing to try new things and doing cool things with friends. So we made a deal on the spot – if he could get at least 10 x participants, I’d put together a program of instruction and coordinate the rest.

That same week, I discovered CF Burke just opened up in our Community – I make it my business to know every CF Box (aka gym) near me as I’m constantly encouraging folks to try CrossFit. I also want first hand experience of any box I refer to.

I dropped-in for a Workout of the Day (WOD) that week to check out CF Burke. Candidly speaking, I wasn’t expecting much. I’ve been to a few new CF Boxes and many start off as a diamond in the rough where it takes a trained eye to appreciate the important facets.

However, I was blown away by CF Burke. Right away I could tell I was walking into something different – this wasn’t just a CF Box, this was 7,500 square feet of someone’s well thought out and passionate vision. Little details, like both Apple and Android charger stations by the gear storage area, the “Big Ass Fans” to keep things cool in the summer, and the complete assortment of standard CF Gear from Rogue Fitness. They even had a reverse-hyper, which you don’t see everywhere. After a good work out, I had a chance to learn more about CrossFit Burke from the owner and head coach, Jamie Gallagher.
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How to win with EX2 Adventures and The Bike Lane

The Bike Lane is proud to once again sponsor EX2 Adventures for 2014!  We can’t wait to see everyone at the races.  See below the latest enewsletter from EX2 and how everyone can win by racing!


Hello from EX2 Adventures!
We are excited to announce that our long time sponsor, The Bike Lane (TBL), will be returning for the 2014 race season and they’ve got some awesome plans for EX2 racers! For those of you that don’t know, TBL is owned and operated by a husband and wife team, Anne and Todd Mader. Many of you have probably seen them racing in EX2 events on the running trails and on their bikes! TBL is truly a business built around its community. They sponsor mountain biking races like ours, they sponsor charity rides and do tons of advocacy work for bicycle safety. They love what they do and it shows. Throughout the year they offers clinics, bike maintenance classes and just get out there and have fun, shop rides. Their shop motto: “Ride globally, shop locally” is one that we at EX2, strive to live by.  Visit The Bike Lane at

Want to win a new bike? During race check in, all EX2 registered racers will receive a really cool Bike Lane car magnet. Attached to the magnet will be a GOLDEN ticket – make sure you keep it safe!  Bring your GOLDEN ticket into either the Springfield Bike Lane or Reston Bike Lane and spin the prize wheel.  Everyone who brings in a raffle ticket will win things like a free helmet, free t-shirt, tubes, etc.  Your GOLDEN ticket will then be entered into a raffle for a chance to win a sweet, mountain bike at the end of the race season! Thank you Bike Lane!

Mark your calendars – TBL will be hosting two bike maintenance clinics, which will cover the most common mechanical issues during a race.  Don’t let a mechanical take you out of the race! The pros at TBL will show you how to get it fixed and keep moving! The first clinic will be on 2/23/14 at 10:30am at the Springfield location. The second will be on 7/20/14 at 10:30am at the Reston location.  For those of you interested in EX2′s XTERRA race, TBL will be hosting an XTERRA clinic on May 13th at the Springfield location with XTERRA World’s Champion, Dr. Kathy Couthino. This is a great opportunity to get some race tips and some inspiration from the amazing Dr. Kathy. Check the EX2 Facebook page for more info as the events get closer.

Last but not least, TBL is hosting the EX2 Season Kick-Off Party on Sunday, 2/16 from 5-7pm at their Springfield location. Please join us for some frosty beverages, a raffle drawing every half hour for some cool stuff (including a free race entry) AND the shop will be open with special discounts for all EX2-ers! It’s a great chance to meet your fellow racers, bike enthusiasts and to get stocked up for 2014!  You can RSVP here –

It’s going to be a great year and we can’t wait to get it started! See you all on the 16th!

Jim Harman
Race Director
EX2 Adventures